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PCR #95 - Conventions: From Comics to Chaos


In this episode, Travis and Chris talk about how comic cons have evolved over the years but go off the rails a few times as they take on some news on the future of the X-Men and the MCU, the new Captain Marvel trailer thoughts and anticipations for the movie, Henry Cavill is out as Superman and what’s next for DC, and thoughts on the new Joker movie. Travis has something to say about the upcoming She-Ra Netflix series and wonders if it will be connected to a bigger universe. They give some rapid-fire reviews for Iron Fist season 2, Peppermint, The Nun, and the Predator. What movie did Chris love in the 90s? What are a couple 90s movies that have the worst special effects? Travis finally saw Won’t You Be My Neighbor, what was his criticism of it? They then talk about going to watch the one-time screening of Transformers: The Movie which quickly diverted into a wild rant of irritating movie theater pet peeves.

Travis went to the Fandemic Tour over the weekend and gives his thoughts on his visit and what his main reason for going was. This gets him going on his thoughts on professional Photo Ops versus getting autographs. What did he say to a guest celebrity? They go off the rails again as they discuss the rare collectible he found at the con that he couldn’t pass up.

Travis remembers his very first comic con experience from the late 80s. Did he even know what a comic convention was at that time? What was his find there?

He then discusses what he calls the “Hotel ballroom” comic conventions era from the mid-90s and why that was a special time.

From there it’s the Wizard World cons which was the early days of the “big” cons we see nowadays, and what aspects from this time he wishes would come back. There was a break after that when he got back into comic cons around 2009. What was different this time around and how has it affected every con to this day?

What is Chris’ suggestion for Travis? Is Travis a hypocrite for paying for photo ops? What does he want to see change in the future for the con scene?

They wrap up with talk about the upcoming Playstation Classic and online services for the Nintendo Switch and DC Universe.

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