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PCR #104 - The Marvelous Ms. Marvel


In this episode, Travis and X talk all about Captain Marvel. This episode contains a bunch of spoilers, so fair warning if you haven’t seen the latest addition to the MCU. They start off by talking about just who is Captain Marvel, aka Ms. Marvel, aka Carol Danvers and how they were first introduced to the character. Before getting into the movie, they talk a little about the controversial comments made by Brie Larson before the movie even came out and how that affected the perception of the film going into it. They then go through the talking points of the film, and talk about the cast, the characters, the plot points, how it all connects to the bigger MCU picture, and also get into a bit of a talking point about how the film handled the Skrulls. How was Brie Larson as Captain Marvel? Did it bring the film down for them? What did they think of this version of Nick Fury? Was it de-aging or just good makeup? How did the 90s setting impact the movie, and was it too much? What did the story remind Travis of? How will she be integrated into the upcoming Avengers Endgame movie? Is she ready to be the “face” of the MCU going forward? Does she need more solo sequels? How could Marvel use Captain Marvel to introduce the X-Men into the MCU? They end the review by doing some dream-casting for Captain Marvel. They wrap up by talking some recent news on James Gunn coming back for Guardians 3, as well as the news that the big Fox/Disney deal is officially done and with that which characters they are most excited to see introduced to the MCU first. Xavier has a great idea for Hugh Jackman, and it’s not what you think.  This was a fun episode, so hit the download button and enjoy!

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