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PCR #103 - A Glutton for Punisher


War Journal entry #103. With the recent announcement that Netflix officially cancelled The Punisher, Travis and Xavier take a look back at all of the live action versions of Frank Castle aka The Punisher. They start off by taking a minute to look back at how they were first introduced to the character in the comic books back in the day growing up. They then give their thoughts on the first 1989 movie, the 2004 John Travolta film, and the crazy 2008 cult flick, War Zone. They look at why Dolph was missing the skull & was it really hiding in plain sight the whole time, what could have made Lundgren’s Punisher even better, what was up with those crazy opening credits of the 89 flick, what took so long to make a new movie, why does the 2004 film not work, what was the best tweak to his origin from that movie, did the Punisher actually sign a lease agreement?! Also, does a t-shirt actually ward off evil spirits, why is Punisher not killing anybody, how many bombs does it take to form a giant skull explosion, what change was made to the Marvel logo at the start of War Zone, how crazy was that opening scene, how over-the-top was everything else in that flick, what happens to people who parkour near the Punisher?
After recapping the films, they rank the movies and the actors who portrayed him. Who is the most "true-to-form" Punisher?  Which movie was the best? Which movie is the worst and why is it the 2004 one?
They then discuss the Netflix Punisher series by trying to remember what happened in season 1 before going into what worked and what didn’t work in season 2. What mistake was made between Daredevil season 2 to Punisher season 1? Can we get past what made Castle turn into Punisher? Why is Jigsaw still a pretty boy? Did they end up cramming two seasons into one with the last season? Does Jon Bernthal channel Shane from Walking Dead while he’s playing Castle? How does Bernthal stack up next to the other live action Punishers? How would they want to see Castle be introduced into the MCU and with who?  Hit that download button and enjoy!

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