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PCR #126 - The One Where They Talk About Movies During the Coronavirus

March 25th, 2020

It’s the end of the world as we know it, so Travis and X had some time to catch up on some recent movies that they finally got around to seeing and give their reviews for them. Oh, and there’s a stupid virus out there causing all kinds of problems for everyone, so they talk about that as well.

02:15 - Thoughts on Coronavirus and toilet paper shortages
10:06 - Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood
21:55 - Jay & Silent Bob Reboot
36:32 - Knives Out
44:39 - How COVID-19 is affecting the movie industry
48:14 - Samara Weaving mini-spotlight
50:04 - Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano/Mandalorian talk
55:38 - Ford v Ferrari and other car movies
1:03:49 - Superman: Red Son
1:14:47 - Charlie’s Angels (what?!)
1:28:28 - Birds of Prey
1:38:50 - Jumanji: The Next Level
1:43:24 - Kristen Stewart: yay or nay?
1:46:06 - Sonic the Hedgehog
Stick around to the end for some more bonus talk on the ‘Rona as well as the Walking Dead and….One Tree Hill?!

Be safe out there everyone, and stay inside. Take the time to watch a movie or two.

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PCR #125 - The Rise of a Retaliation!

March 13th, 2020

Just in time to help combat all this coronavirus hysteria, we have a brand new GIANT-SIZED episode for you to enjoy.
In this episode, Travis & X talk all about the live-action GI JOE films, Rise of Cobra and Retaliation! There have been quite a few recent GI Joe news items they open up with first and then get into the 2009 movie Rise of Cobra. They talk about the portrayal of the characters and performances of the cast (including Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (#JGLs), Marlon Wayans, Dennis Quaid, and Rachel Nichols), military inaccuracies, unnecessary backstories that insult longtime fans, knocking off Iron Man, how Brendan Fraser got a cameo, a somewhat faithful telling of the history between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow (even though Snake-Eyes had lips!), and of course what’s the first natural thing to say when your face gets covered in metal.
From there they take on Retaliation (starts @ 1hr 56min) and discuss the differences in the tone and direction of this film. They also talk about the uselessness of Flint, the wonderful assets of Lady Jaye/Adrianne Palicki, the chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum, the greatness of one Walton Goggins, brining in Ray Stevenson as Firefly, the awesome new look of Cobra Commander, the Joes being on the run (and similarities to Renegades), continuing the Snake-Eyes/Storm Shadow story by including Jinx and the RZA, the new look of Snake-Eyes, what Cobra’s scheme is, & a big mistake made at the end of the movie.
They wrap up with final thoughts, box office numbers and ratings, an argument over The Rock’s career, and of course one last question: GI Joe or Transformers?
So hit the download button and enjoy. Yo Joe!


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