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PCR #112 - You’re Tearing Me Apart, Spidey!

August 26th, 2019

In this episode, Travis and X give their thoughts on the ongoing public spat between Marvel and Sony over the movie rights for Spider-Man. Who do they blame for the breakdown? Are they #teamsony or #teammarvel and how do they want to see it resolved? They also go into detail over the new Masters of the Universe series coming to Netflix which is headed by Kevin Smith. What has Travis so up in arms over this announcement? They then discuss the new GI Joe spinoff movie starring Snake Eyes and what the studio totally missed the mark on. They talk about John Wick 3 and the trilogy as a whole. Also, what’s going on with the new Matrix movie and should anyone care at this point? They wrap up by tackling the most important social justice issue on the planet right now: The chicken sandwich.
You don't want to miss out on this episode, so be sure to hit the download button and enjoy!

PCR #111 - SDCC 2019 Rewind!

August 4th, 2019

In this episode, Travis and Chris are ridin' nerdy as they talk about some of the big announcements from this year's SDCC! Find out why Travis thinks the new Terminator movie is a mixed bag which is hurting the movie before it even comes out, what's the huge, planet-sized crowdfunding experiment that Hasbro revealed, what other toys from SDCC that got them excited, what's going on in the world of Walking Dead, what were some missed opportunities from DC as well as some exciting news for this year's DC CW crossover event, and finally they break down ALL of the big MCU Phase 4 lineup reveals and talk about where the MCU is going from here, what they liked and what they didn't. All that and more! So hit the download button and enjoy!


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