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PCR #109 - Last Stand of the Dark Phoenix

June 18th, 2019

In this episode, Travis and the Professor talk all about the final installment of the long-running X-Men film franchise (until Marvel Studios does it properly!). They start by doing a full spoiler-filled recap of the film and go through everything that worked and definitely did not work. They give their takes on the decade time jumps between films, wonky plotlines, the costumes, both good and bad performances from the cast, X-Men having a Bat-phone, how much everyone loves mutants in this movie, the special mutant cameo we finally got to see, the good and bad of all of the action scenes, production troubles and reshoots, the similarities between this and Last Stand, bad writing and directing, and more! After the recap, they talk about the legacy of the Fox X-Men franchise and what it will be remembered for. Lastly, they decide to give in and do their own casting for the X-Men in the MCU. You can’t miss Xavier’s hot takes on who he picks! If you’re a fan of the X-Men franchise or not, hit the download button, listen and enjoy, and then go back and check out all of our past X-Men movie episodes in the archives! Excelsior!

PCR #108 - Stick ‘Em With the Disappointy End

June 3rd, 2019

In this episode, Travis finally does an episode on Game of Thrones as he and X breakdown the controversial final season of the hit series.  They discuss the ups and the many, many downs of the short season, and try to find out where it all went wrong.  What happened in the big battle of Winterfell?  How did all of the characters survive World War Z?  Arya did what?!  Why did they ruin Jaime's entire character arc?  What the hell happened to Daenerys?  She's Jon's queen!  They discuss the anticlimactic ending and how nothing makes any sense.  They wrap up by talking about some of the possible spin-offs we could be getting next.  If you've seen the final season and got some opinions on it, hit the download button, listen to the ep, and shoot us a message with your thoughts over on our Facebook page.  Enjoy!


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