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PCR #107 - Whatever It Takes 3000

May 7th, 2019

It truly is the endgame as Travis, Chris, and X assemble to talk all about Avengers: Endgame!  They start off by talking about some of their favorite moments and scenes, discuss what they didn’t like about it, and then try to answer a lot of questions they each had after watching the epic conclusion to the Infinity Saga (Far From Home notwithstanding).  Did they avoid getting spoiled before seeing the film? What was their favorite “Back to the Future” scenes? Is there such a thing as a “casual” MCU fan? Was there too much female empowerment? Did they fix the Captain Marvel problem? Were the changes to Hulk and Thor for the better or worse?  How great was Hawkeye’s hair? Does this movie get time travel right or not and was it cheap way to undo what happened in Infinity War? What’s the one scene in Infinity War that X has to fast forward past? Did Chris find a big plot hole that could’ve prevented a lot of things from happening? How did they feel about Old Man Rogers, who he passes the shield down to, and does the end contradict their own rules of time travel?  What was the one thing that X wanted to see in that scene? Do longer movies mean better movies? What was the one thing that Chris knew that no one else who saw the movie knew? What actually happened to Gamora? How exactly does Cap return all the stones? Is there a silver lining from the first snap that this movie ignores? Where does the MCU go from here? Does the MCU take claim to being the greatest movie franchise ever?  If you’ve seen Endgame, then hit the download button, check it out, and let us know what YOU thought of the film as well!

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