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PCR #91: Live from Comicpalooza 2018

May 30th, 2018

In this episode, Travis and Chris are live at Comicpalooza pop culture convention in Houston, TX! What better time to talk about what got them into reading comic books! From the 1960’s Batman TV show running in syndication, to the X-Men animated series, to even watching movies, there’s always that one thing that gets you to crack open a comic. They also reveal some of the comic storylines that got them hooked into collecting them as well and then take to asking some fellow convention goers what got them into comics too. There’s also a big surprise and return to the show as Xavier drops by to join the conversation as well! Check it out and enjoy!
(Outro music by Sophie Marlon)

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PCR #90: To Infinity and Beyond

May 7th, 2018

In this episode, Travis, Chris, and Jeff (joining us from the Deep in the Horror of Texas podcast) give their thoughts and review on AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR! They get spoiler heavy, so if you’re the one person who hasn’t seen it yet, you may want to do so before listening. They break down the movie scene by scene and discuss the ins and outs of how everything has been building towards this film and what works and what doesn't work. They go off on some tangents here and there, including one talking about what’s going on with Fox and if/when the Fantastic Four will get involved at some point. Which character stood out the most to us? What emotions were we going through as soon as the movie ended? Why is Chris siding with Thanos?!
They also talk about their favorite moments, surprises, and team-ups during the movie, as well as seeing where Thanos ranks as a villain in the MCU (shouldn’t be a surprise). They give their “recommended viewing” Marvel movies to watch before going in to see Infinity War, what’s required and what’s missable. They also try their hand at predicting where Avengers 4 will go from here. They wrap up by doing a rapid fire on some other summer blockbusters coming up and which ones they’re looking forward to the most. This is a good one, so hit the download button and enjoy!


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