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PCR Rewind #51 - Alien Spotlight Part 1: it’s Xenomorphin’ Time!

April 26th, 2018

**Enjoy this classic episode originally released on April 26, 2016.  Also be sure to check out the other 3 episodes of this spotlight in the archives**

In honor of #AlienDay, we board the Nostromo and set a course to LV-426 as we kick off our huge look back at the entire ALIEN franchise! In this episode we start where it all began with Ridley Scott’s iconic 1979 sci-fi horror film, Alien! From there we look at the action-packed 1986 sequel directed by James Cameron, Aliens! How well does the first film hold up? Just what the hell is a xenomorph? How much of a boss is Ripley? What’s the deal with “the company”? How awesome is Bill Paxton?! We answer all these questions and more as we take a look at our favorite moments from these tales of beauty and the Bitch! We’ll continue with the next two films in our next episode!

PCR #89: Player One is Ready

April 23rd, 2018

What?! A new episode?? In this episode, Travis goes over the movie, Ready Player One by running down a quick review of the film as well as give his thoughts on what he liked and didn’t like. How many references could he find? What was the name of the big company that was trying to take over? Where is the government and law enforcement in this world? How do you pronounce Parzival? After all of that, he’d like to know, what was the better video game movie: Ready Player One, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Scott Pilgrim, or Wreck It Ralph? What do you think? Let us know!  So go ahead and hit the download button and enjoy the Oasis...


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