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PCR Rewind #39 - The Askewed View of Kevin Smith

March 5th, 2018

That was a pretty scary close call with ol' Kev last week, and it made me think of this great episode we did in honor of his View Askew collection of films.  Check it out and enjoy!

"On our 39th episode (in a row?), Travis & Xavier do a spotlight on the View Askewniverse! What is the View Askewniverse you might ask? It’s the brilliant collection of films from Kevin Smith that became well known for the witty, sharp humor, controversial moments, and the interconnectivity between all of them that made this cinematic shared universe a cult classic. They discuss what impact these films had on them growing up, some of the stars that appeared in them, the soundtracks, the topics, the language, and of course…Jay and Silent Bob! Hit the download button, check it out, and tell us your favorite View Askew moment! Snoogins!"


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