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PCR #85: Crisis…on CW!

November 30th, 2017

What a better way to follow up our Justice League episode...with the review no one asked for!  Travis sits down in his recliner and (SPOILERS) breaks down everything wrong with the Crisis on Earth X crossover event for all of CW's DC Comics tv shows.  It's got Supergirl, Green Arrow, the Flash, and a bunch of other heroes and villains mixed in, what could go wrong?

If you're a fan of the CW DC (DCW?) shows, then hit thje download button, give it a listen and see if you agree or disagree!

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PCR #84: …And Justice For All!

November 27th, 2017

In this episode, Travis and Chris give their thoughts and review for JUSTICE LEAGUE! Beware of spoilers as they talk about the plot, the characters, and all of the little easter eggs in the film. Did they like the movie? The answer may surprise you. How does this movie compare to the previous DCU entries? What worked, and what didn’t? What do they want to see happen next in the DCU? Check it out and give us a rate and review on iTunes when you’re done!
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SNEEK PEAK: Wrestling Relapse

November 13th, 2017

And now for something completely different.....

We'll be doing a second podcast, with the same format as PCR, just focusing on wrestling.  If you've ever been a fan, please give it a listen.  If you're not a fan, we'll still have episodes of PCR coming out as well (but feel free to download this anyways ;)).

In this pilot episode of Wrestling Relapse, our hosts Travis and Chris think back about what originally got them hooked into the sport of wrestling and what has made them stay to this day. Do you remember what got you hooked? When you went to your first live event? Were you WWF or WCW?? We talk about all that and wrap up by teasing some of the things we’ll be doing in upcoming episodes.
If you’ve ever been a wrestling fan as a kid, got into it as an adult, or just been a diehard lifer like us, then hit the subscribe button and download this episode!
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PCR #83: Let’s RagnaROCK!!!

November 6th, 2017

Beware of spoilers as Travis and Chris breakdown the newest entry into the MCU and in the Thor franchise! They give their take on the controversial tone of the film, which departed from the previous two films in the trilogy, and if it was good or bad for the movie. They talk about the new characters we got in this one, as well as some old characters that were missing, and how the Hulk played into everything. Is Loki still a bad guy?  Did Cate Blancett look hot as Hela, or was it just them?  Of course they talk about the awesomeness that is “the Goldblum”, who had a prominent role in the film as well. They wrap up by talking about how this film ranks in with some other similar MCU films, and discuss what might happen next. They spoil everything, so watch the movie first, then hit the download button and enjoy!


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