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PCR #61 - Evolution of the Beast

September 12th, 2016

This month 20 years ago, the Transformers brand was turned upside down by the debut of a new show called Beast Wars!  Travis & X celebrate (and get a little nerdy) by taking a look back at this groundbreaking series that found a way to move forward with the franchise yet tie it in perfectly with the established continuity of the 80s.  They discuss characters, story, cast of voice actors, and overall tone of the series.  From there they talk about some of the funnier moments and gags found throughout the series.  There were also a few deaths in the series, and they go over which ones meant the most.  They also talk about the spectacular season two finale, The Agenda, and all the great moments from it.  They wrap up by trying to countdown their top 5 episodes, but seem to have trouble doing so.  If you were a fan of Beast Wars or grew up in the 80s with Transformers, you’ll love this episode!  If you didn’t, well check it out anyways, maybe you’ll want to check it out afterwards.

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