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PCR #16 - Forgotten Childhood Gems

February 19th, 2015

Super Fuzz?  Ice Pirates?  Last Starfighter?  Travis & Xavier take a look back at some their favorite forgotten movies they watched when they were kids growing up in the 80s.  Specifically the more obscure movies that don't get any attention nowadays, some for good reason.  What was the plot of the Neverending Story?  Who was the voice of the ship in Flight of the Navigator?  What happened to the black tiger from Beastmaster?  They talk about all this, plus the debut of a new segment called Pop Culture Pause!  So hit the download button and enjoy the show!  There may even be some extra "b-roll" recording at the very end of the show, so be sure to stay til the end....

PCR #15 - Hot Wheels!

February 10th, 2015

In this episode, it gets fast & furious as Travis & Chris go for a ride as they share stories about their past cars & the fun times they had in them.  They then talk about their favorite cars that have been showcased in movies, TV shows, cartoons, and yes, even video games!  After that they read off what some of the listeners like as their favorites as well.  Can you guess what car is talked about throughout the entire episode?  What are some of the best franchises out there that features cars?  What happened to Chris' past cars?  What the hell is MASK?  They answer all these and more, so strap yourself in, hit the NOS, and blast away as you listen to this episode!


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