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PCR #10 - The One Where We Talk About Sitcoms

November 25th, 2014

In this episode it's Three's Company as Travis, Chris, and Abel talk about sitcoms! We take it Step by Step as we (try to) define what a sitcom is, the different types of sitcoms, and discuss if the format still works today.  We then go into our earliest memories and name off some of the ones that we've watched over the years and which ones are our favorites.  Through the Facts of Life we figure out which ones we do & don't like as we're older now.  If you've ever watched TV, then you'll want to listen to this Out of This World episode, so be sure to tell your Friends about it.  Cheers!

PCR #09 - All You CAN’T Eat

November 11th, 2014

In this episode Chris returns to the show and this time we're also joined by our good friend, Abel from our other podcast, Houston Wrestling Radio!  After eating a big meal, we decided to talk about all kinds of foods, snacks, and drinks that are no longer around but you loved as a kid.  We then talk about just good old comfort foods in general.  Also, Abel really wants to know why he can't get green olives on his pizzas anymore.  Make sure you eat before listening because it will make you hungry!

Bonus points if you recognize the opening theme music.


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