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PCR #03 - I Want My MTV!

August 28th, 2014

In this episode we rewind back to when that thing called MTV was actually still a thing!  Do you remember getting home from school to watch TRL, staying up late to bang your head with Headbangers Ball, or wanting to play frog baseball after watching Beavis & Butthead?  Well we do, and we talk about all of our favorite times growing up as part of the MTV generation.  Then we try to decipher just what the heck is going on with today's music scene, and fail miserably.  Also, just who or what is still relevant from back then to now?  This is a fun one, so sit back and enjoy!

PCR #02 - Earth’s Mightiest Zeroes

August 15th, 2014

Travis & Chris are back again, this time discussing some of the recent summer blockbusters they've watched.  They then rewind back to how Marvel got to be where they're at now, and what their favorite (and least favorite) franchises are.  Also, Chris tries to defend the new Ninja Turtles movie that just came out, and they both talk about one of their favorite anime series of all time, Dragon Ball Z, after checking out the new movie, Battle of the Gods.  Enjoy!

Welcome to POP. CULTURE. REWIND!!!!

August 3rd, 2014

Pilot - Episode I: Travis & Chris Vs The World!!!

In this episode we discuss something special to everyone....VIDEO GAMES!!  So join us as we discuss what we're playing now, our favorite systems & games, our earliest memories of playing games, and what makes a person a "gamer".  Enjoy!

NOTE: This was recorded before we came up with our official name, so we used the name we wanted to use before checking to see if it was already taken.

Opening & closing music credit: NerdArmy - SMB2 Overworld


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